Mediation and Collaborative Process, LTD

Providing support and guidance for families through the divorce process.

Horberg Mediation and Collaborative Process, LTD.

Mediator & Collaborative Attorney in Illinois

Debra specializes in divorce mediation and collaborative representation for individuals and families going through divorce.

Horberg Mediation and Collaborative Process, LTD., offers services in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Debra

Debra Horberg is a certified mediator and collaborative attorney who draws on her legal and business expertise to work with families on the  relationships impacted by divorce.

As a mediator (neutral facilitator), Debra helps spouses develop options to resolve their financial issues, including asset division and maintenance, and allocate their parenting time and responsibilities.

Debra is also skilled in using Collaborative Process to assist a spouse/client in reaching agreement on financial and parenting issues with the other spouse as a part of a well-coordinated team approach to dissolve the marriage.

Both processes support families through divorce and result in saving time and financial resources without litigation.