What are the Benefits?

The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins.

Sandra Day O’Connor



Mediation is an effective alternative to resolve conflict and avoid litigation.  In this process, parties work with a neutral professional to develop options for resolution that empower them to move forward personally and professionally.

  • Mediation promotes effective communication between parties.
  • The process is private, confidential, and voluntary.
  • Mediation has a structure, timetable, and dynamics that litigation lacks; consequently, it saves time and money.
  • The process is inclusive: spouses, coaches, financial professionals, and attorneys may attend.
  • Mediation provides the flexibility to develop and explore multiple options for settlement which are likely to produce results that are agreeable for all parties.
  • Mediation preserves and strengthens relationships.
  • The parties control the outcomes in an informal, non-intimidating setting.
  • The resulting agreement is enforceable.
  • Partial agreement and single-issue mediations move cases already in litigation closer to settlement or trial.


Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is also an effective alternative to litigation. In addition to the benefits listed above, a hallmark of this process includes the parties’ agreement to limit discovery and work in a transparent process in joint sessions that include all parties and their attorneys working toward agreement.


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