Debra believes professional and personal conflict can be prevented, managed and/or resolved when parties are invested in the business or personal relationship and desire change moving forward.

Debbie provides an individualized mediation process designed to address each party’s needs and interests. Approachable and professional, she works with all parties to determine a course that prevents, manages or resolves a conflict quickly and cost-effectively, and serves the parties’ short-term and long-term goals.

Similarly, as Collaborative Counsel, Debbie advocates for her client in the context of the mutually agreed upon goal of reaching resolution.  The client’s needs and interests are the centerpiece of this process that includes other professionals who are also well trained in bringing the parties to agreement.


Debbie has demonstrated the ability to create an environment in which highly contentious parties are able to meet and resolve long-standing disputes.  She is a truly professional mediator, able to sort through complex issues and assist parties to address what is important to them.  The result is productive, creative outcomes which respect the needs of all parties.

                                                                                  –LM (Manager of Mediation Services, Center for Conflict Resolution)

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